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Deciphering The Basics Of Search Engine Optimization – Turn Digital
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Deciphering The Basics Of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a mandatory need if you wish to survive in the competitive world of internet. It is important to understand the basic concept of seo first. Well, search engine optimization can be defined as a process used for increasing the traffic of your website.  Content is the lifeline of your website. This means that you have to optimize the content of your website so that the search results can display the site in the top search results when the user searches for a certain keyword.

Black hat SEO vs. White Hat SEO

There are two main strategies to keep in mind when you have to apply the concept of search engine optimization. One is black hat SEO and the other concept is white hat SEO. Well, the black Hat SEO is not considered ethical in the professional world due to the reason that it only optimizes content for the search engine. The end result of this strategy is crappy content. Keyword stuffing is yet another key feature of Black hat SEO so you need to avoid it by all means for sure.

If you are looking for sustainability, then you need to opt for White Hat SEO. When you apply the white hat SEO strategy, then your focus is to provide quality content to the humans. This is why you follow search engine rules to the core when optimizing content. The White hat SEO is all about well-labelled images, quality content and relevant page titles.

Sub-categories of SEO

Well search engine optimization has two sub-categories. It is termed as on-site seo and off-page seo.

On-site seo: When you talk about the on-page seo, then it keeps the search engine ranking factors into consideration.

Off-site seo: Now, Off-page seo refers to additional methods. It will not be wrong https://www.cialispascherfr24.com/cialis-pas-cher-france-camping/ to state that off-page seo deals with different promotions methods to improve the ranking of the site.

Categories of on-site Search Engine Optimization

There are three important aspects you need to consider when you talk about on-site SEO. The first most important category is the content. The main aim of Google is to direct you towards quality content. Well, even the best content will be incomplete without keyword research so this is the second most important category of on-site seo. It is vital that you should choose your keyword before you write your content. The keyword will be used in the title and will be used throughout the article as well. Moreover, it is important to remember that there is no room for keyword stuffing as well.

The third most important category of on-site SEO is the content freshness. There are many ways through which you can keep the content fresh. You can either add fresh content from time to time or rewrite the existing content. It is fine if you post your content less but the important aspect is that the content should be detailed.

Technical aspects of on-site SEO

When you have come up with quality content, then the next most crucial aspect is HTML of your site. This means that you need to have a fair idea how you need to use HTML for your site. Moreover, there are four essential parts of HTML that you need to optimize for every content page.

  • The significance of sub-headings: You need to use sub-headings when writing your content. This contributes to content readability. Ideally, you should use H1, H2, H3 and H4 in your content. This also helps in giving your content the much needed structure.
  • Making use of meta-descriptions: The meta-description is more of an excerpt of your content that shows up when the user conducts a research. It is vital that meta-description should be optimized. This is why in most of the cases the keyword is used in the meta-description.
  • Utilizing the keyword in the title tag: Every content page should have one title tag. It is known as the h1-tag and it needs to be attention grabbing.

Additionally, you site needs to have a good architecture as well. This means that the site should offer a mobile friendly design, it should be easy to load as well. The most important thing is that it should not be a problem to navigate your site. All these aspects contribute to great user experience. You should make it a point to include keywords in the URL as well for your blog post. This will eventually affect the seo of your site. It is vital that you should pay attention to the originality of the content as well. This way you can avoid penalization coming your way.

If you develop a strong understanding about these search engine optimization tactics, then it will not be a problem to get traffic for your site so follow the basics to the core. You will surely be contended with the end results.

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