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Do’s And Don’ts of Digital Marketing – An Idea Must Reach Everywhere – Turn Digital
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Do’s And Don’ts of Digital Marketing – An Idea Must Reach Everywhere

Digital Marketing Strategy refers to an idea where products or services are marketed using digital resources. Internet is the major contributor in this regard but mobile phones, digital advertisements and games are also effective tools. Digital marketing Strategy cover a variety of concepts like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing and E-commerce Marketing. Although the name came up in the 80’s but, the use of digital marketing has erupted rapidly in last 15 years or so. The effects of digital marketing on the world market can be estimated by the following facts.

Statistical Evidence of Popularity of Digital Marketing Strategy

Do’s and Don’ts of Digital Marketing

·        Do Know your Brand

The foremost thing that matters is that you have a strong brand. The marketing strategies will come in handy to compete with your competitors but if your product or service is not up to the mark, you will end up on the losing side.

·        Do Know your Audience

You must analyze what is your target audience. You must develop your brand in accordance to the needs of your clients. You must know what they want, what they don’t want and what they might need.

·        Do Know your Competitors

In “The Art of War” Sun Tzu states that “if you do not know yourself, nor know your enemy, you all chances and Murphy Laws against you”. You must know what your competitor offers, the qualities of his product, and how your brand is better than his. Use his weaknesses and your strengths to counter him in the market.

·        Do know what is Trending

In digital marketing business, one of the most important thing is to stay updated. It gives an impression that the company is focusing on knowing what is happening around them rather than focusing on their work, all the time. In case you have a blog or a website, you should ensure that the content posted there is up-to-date as well. You must present latest trends to the audience. Remember ‘Digital is constantly changing the face of marketing’.

·        Do Build a Relationship

Be steady in your approach. Don’t rush in for business because doing so gives impression that your company wants more and more work and have less regard for customers. Take some time and build a solid platform with your potential clients before proposing a deal.

·        Do Avoid Mistakes

If you are associated with content marketing, it is the key factor for your advertisement. Spelling or grammatical errors affects adversely on your entire campaign. It is true, that in this fast and mechanized world, speed is important as data is anywhere and everywhere yet, you must proofread your content to make sure you are posting error-free stuff.

·        Do Choose the Right Platform

This holds serious significance as it can backfire on multiple accounts. First, you need to ensure that the medium of advertising you are using must be in accordance with your brand. For example, video-based marketing must be done through Instagram and B2C advertising will be better with Facebook. The other problem you face in choosing the right platform is that the appropriate medium is being used by many competitors. This results in higher competition but you need to compete with competitors anyway.

·        Do Post Original Content

Quality overpowers quantity and that’s the rule here in this industry. People remember relevant content that either solves a problem, answers a question, or provides deep insight to any particular issue. Generate high-quality content to attract maximum users on your blog, website or social media.

·        Do Respect Customers’ Privacy

Trust is the base of business relationships. You must respect your customers’ private data and consider it an honor that someone trusts you with their personal information. Do not betray your clients for sake of revenue by selling confidential data to third-parties.

·        Do Try to Get Listed on Other Websites

Referral traffic is an exceptional way of proving your online worth to your potential clients. These referrals prove to be useful even if you plan to expand your business in regions where your company is unknown.

·        Don’t Spam

The line between consistent effort and spamming is quite clear yet many companies find it hard to define what the upper-limit for posting is. If your content is good, it will reach audience and that is what we call digital marketing strategy. There is no need for you to over-stress the issue because it weakens your case and you start losing client-age.

·        Don’t Like your Own Posts

The most desperate thing you can ever do is to like your own post. It shows lack of, confidence and professionalism. Likes and comments should come from your fans, and consumers. Concentrate on your content and produce the quality that could get appreciation from common people.

·        Don’t Share Too Much

Sharing a post over and over again has numerous disadvantages. Firstly, it looks like a spam as a post is coming again and again. It also makes it difficult for the people to keep track of your activities as a lot of repetition is there. This results in losing of fans which is destructive for your company.

·        Don’t Become a Stalker

It is a valid point that you do need more work and you should strive for that but don’t push the matter a way too much. If a particular customer is not responding to your messages, stop doing that. He must have read the message and not responding actually means that your services are not needed right now. Sending more and more follow-up messages give bad impression and it can tint your name in the market.

·        Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

It is a famous saying that ‘Change is the only constant’ and it suits digital marketing in many ways. You need to be diverse in this field and explore different mediums available to prosper. Try out different marketing strategies before drawing out a conclusion about what suits you best. Instead of putting all your eggs in one basket, take advantage of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and games.

·        Don’t Focus on Text Only

Stuffing your blog or website with a lot of text without any relevant, image or video, can become monotonous and the customer might lose interest. For sake of keeping users’ attention, a balanced mixture of text with other components like GIFs, images, videos and audios should be used. Keeping the reader focused is a difficult art to master and this is what you need in digital marketing.

·        Don’t Let Clients Run your Life

As world is full of different kinds of people, you are bound to interact with all kinds of people. You may work with some clients that take away all of your time in discussing details. For tackling this problem, set goals with clients so that both parties are on same page, keep realistic goals, and track your progress throughout the project.

·        Don’t Make Fake Promises

Making promises that you can’t fulfill is simply a dead end. In order to impress a big customer, you tend to agree to terms that you know are not possible. Never do that. Explain the scenario to the client and try to deduce a solution that is acceptable and feasible to both parties.

Digital Marketing is the name of the game that runs the world now. It has the impact on each on every field of life and its control will expand in the coming years. So, if you are affiliated with this field and want to excel, these are the points that need to be kept in consideration. Like any other professional skill, it is not easy to master but practice and hard work can see you through.

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